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Did you know that lawyers are people, too? No really, I swear!! We spend so much time working that our time away from work (which is very few and far between) is precious…

How do I choose to spend that time? Well anyone that knows me would say probably at the football field or volleyball gym in Greenwood. Very true… but while there I’m still on duty. Mom duty, but duty nonetheless.

Others might guess that I would be at the gym, but that’s also not entirely away. I try to make it to the gym at least five days a week, it’s just part of my daily routine, and there are people there…

Where do I go when I truly want to get away… my barn. My haven. My solitude. To me, there is nothing like the smell of a horse, the saddle leather, the barn itself. Nothing. The barn is a “no phone zone.” No interruptions.

Over the years I have solved many a world problem on the back of a good horse. The solitude is in so many ways comforting to me. The realization that you are on the back of a 1200 pound animal that could gravely injure you, but chooses rather to trust you is one I never take for granted.

#YOURLawyer is indeed a very real person. I have faced many of the same issues you are dealing with today and I can help. Let me take some of that burden for you. #YOURLawyer, so you can enjoy the things you love… leave the worry to me.

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